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The event is jointly organized by the SeNSE and COBRA projects in the framework of the LC-BAT-5 Cluster.

We are excited to announce the upcoming Scientific Symposium on Generation 3b Lithium-Ion Batteries organized in the framework of the LC-BAT-5 Cluster. Generation 3b lithium-ion batteries feature a high energy density by combining a high silicon content (≥10%) of the anode with a high-capacity or high-voltage cathode. This symposium will cover the following topics:


  • Cell Chemistry: Exploring new materials, innovations, and breakthroughs in the field.

  • Cell Morphology & Cell Architecture: Examining the structural aspects of batteries and their impact on performance.

  • Smart Micro-sensors: Discussing the integration of advanced sensors for real-time monitoring and control.

  • Advanced Manufacturing Methods: Delving into cutting-edge manufacturing techniques.

When: 29th and 30th of November 2023

Where: Barcelona, Spain (in-person only)

Audience: Researchers and industry practitioners active in the field of generation 3b (>10% silicon) lithium-ion batteries

Registration: required and free of charge (up to 100 participants)

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